Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I went to my first college class in my dual enrollment high school, I felt overwhelmed. I feared that I wouldn’t be able to keep up but through the help of my teachers and by figuring out what works for me, I managed to get an A- in the course. This experience has taught me different ways of preparing for tests, but my favorite ways of studying are making flashcards and creating a study guide. These are my go-to studying practices because they are effective and easy to do.

Flashcards are easy to make and easy to travel with. I use flashcards for a variety of classes from my Navajo class to my biology class. Making flashcards also help me remember how certain phrases or diagrams are written and helps me realize what I need to work on. I keep the flashcards in my bag and whenever I have a break, I take them out and test myself. If a friend of mine is nearby I have them test me and we make a game out of it. It makes studying a lot more fun and memorable.

In the classes I take the teachers usually hand out study guides for the exams. I take this study guide and use it to make my own study guide. The study guide I create has notes on it that will answer the questions that may come up on the exam. On my study guide, I put diagrams and examples that help me understand the concept more. The study guide that the teacher hands out typically have essay questions that would be on the exam, so I create an outline of my essay. I make main points to include in my essay and include this in my study guide. This method works for me because instead of having my notes in separate places they are all in one place and I know exactly what I need for the exam.

These studying practices work for me because I can see what I need to study a bit more and plan for the exam. These methods are also nice because I’m not carrying a lot of stuff and I can study anytime and anywhere. These studying habits have helped me in my dual enrollment classes, and they will help me in my college cl

Rebekah from New Mexico
High School Senior
Middle College High School