Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a current freshman in college, majoring in political science (pre-law) and I have had a lot of experiences studying for high risk tests and exams. Being that I am a successful and hardworking student, I think that I have great test preparation practices.

First, one of my cardinal rules regarding test preparation is organization. If you aren't organized and don't know when things are due or taking place, you are setting yourself up to be unsuccessful. I always write down either in my agenda or on a word document file all of my upcoming exams and the days I need to study for them. When you create a schedule for yourself, you are holding yourself accountable and creating a routine.

Secondly, I try my hardest to shy away from procrastination. When you procrastinate, you create space for rushing and trying to absorb knowledge all at once. I find that studying over time helps me retain more information than just cramming at the last minute. Now, I crank up my study pace and rigor right before a test, but I try my best to start studying at least a week in advance to refresh my knowledge on the topic.

Thirdly, if provided a study guide or review from your teacher or professor, I always make a mock test for myself to answer. Writing down definitions word for word and treating the study material like a series of mini quizzes helps me prepare for tests more efficiently.

Lastly, I always reach out to my professors for insight or tips for studying for their exams. Your professors and teachers are there to help you and it doesn't hurt to ask them for study tips. They are the ones who have created the test and know exactly what information is needed to be successful. Reaching out also lets them know that you care about your academics and are taking the time to ask them for insight. I have always gotten beneficial feedback from teacher when asking them for study tips and help with test preparation.

Kaela from Missouri
College Freshman
The University of Tulsa