Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Being in high demanding classes such as GATE, Advanced Placement and Honors has always demanded certain skills to prepare myself for success. There are many methods that I have implemented. Some of these methods work for some courses while not for others. One of my strengths is mathematics. Studying for this course is the easiest but it is also the course that requires my most attention. What I mean by this is that I review the material that needs to be reviewed. However, I cannot dwell too long on the material. If I begin to overthink the formulas needing review, I begin to question my knowledge. Therefore, as soon as I am certain that I hold the required knowledge, I move on to the following formula. It usually is time consuming because there are many formulas to review in my mathematics course. Other test preparation methods for other courses are to use visual aids such as notecards. This is the best method that I have implemented to my studying skills. These are the ways that testing preparation skills will assist in the success of my courses.
When a subject is too difficult and my material studying preparations are not a success, I reach out to classmates. Having a study group is not just a way to prepare for the material but it is also a support group. This is one of my most favorite studying test preparations. My mom provides us with brain food. Not only does this study group become a test preparation but it is also a way to create memories with friends of mine. We have built long lasting friendships that will carry past high school.
There are other methods that are not necessarily for the written success of an exam but for my mental state which will allow clarity while taking exams. Such methods are to have mental clarity. If I show up for an exam with any stress that will potentially affect my overall testing ability. I like to listen to music as I walk the hallways of my school. This is to relax my mental state. If I don't take action in this testing preparation of mine, then it can have a negative outcome.
Every student is different and different studying preparations are something that each student needs to figure out for themselves.

Christopher from California
High School Senior
Bakersfield High School