Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My primary test preparation method is a logical sequencing of questions and answers. I have always found this the most effective strategy when engulfing complicated amounts of information at a time (Hello, Anatomy and Physiology!). As I begin to read, my brain starts formulating possible questions I may find later on a test or an exam. I write them down, but I don’t answer them until I have finished reading. This strengthens my memory and comprehension skills. Later after I have closed my book for a while, I will quiz myself again to see how well I comprehended the information. With the help of my score, I can indicate what I am having problems with and fix it. It is very important to not only find the correct answer but figure out why I missed it. This process helps me drill practice problems all in one session. Overall, this works for me the best because I have not only read information, but I am going over it again and writing out explanations that help me put this vital information in my longterm memory.
Another preferred test preparation practice I use expresses my artistic side: colors and pictures! Since my learning type includes visual, this strategy is a favorite because my mind reads colors first. Color coding and drawing help me to recall information much easier. Whether it is writing my notes in color, drawing out diagrams, or splurging on those educational coloring books - these all add a little pleasure to my study time! A visual approach to studying tends to be my first choice for complex diagram studies, imagery study and just something to spice up a boring class. I love to color code my notes - a color for definitions, a color for examples, etcetera. It adds so much brightness to a paper that lulls of black and white and gives you something to look forward to in class. This is a real treat loving color and doodling; not only am I channeling my inner Picasso, but studying important information for an upcoming test!

Mikayla from North Carolina
High School Senior
Ybarra Homeschool