Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One thing I have learned over the years is, if you can get ahead then get ahead. What I mean by that is in college many professors have something called a syllabus. A syllabus is an outline of the course or study. Having or asking for a syllabus will give you the upper hand you need to in knowing what to expect during your time in the course. This will also allow you to look ahead and focus your attention on lessons or materials you might struggle or not be familiar with. Stay prepared so you don't have to get prepared.
Another helpful practice I have started using is understanding it before I forget it. Many times we sit in class listening to a lecture and we forget what all was discussed or most importantly the main points. I was one of them students that could hear it all and at the same time not remember a thing. So, what I started doing was asking to voice record my classes, which I learned many professors do not mind. This gives me the opportunity to play back the entire lecture including any questions asked and answered. Listen to it in the car, at the gym or before bed. Allow your mind the time to soak it all up before it is gone.
Not every student learns the same. Different folks different strokes. Maybe listening to audio is not your strength when preparing for a big test. Many people have different ways of learning. Another thing I started doing was writing notes and with them notes I would give an example or a life experienced lesson to go along with my notes. In doing so I have found myself more likely to remember something I can relate to. You can take these notes on flash cards, colored flash cards, sticky notes, notebook paper or even your phone. Breaking down your definitions and notes in a way that they become relatable tends to stick in your memory.
Lastly don't beat yourself down by studying all day and all night. Space it out and allow your brain to rest. Take your mind off of studying once in awhile and challenge your memory. Rest

Tyson from Oklahoma
College Freshman
Oklahoma City Community College