Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best way to prepare for a test, I find, depends wildly on the testing style of an individual professor. If I do not know the testing style of a professor, such as on the first test of a class, I find that the best way tends to be re-reading all of the notes and materials provided for the class. Reading notes, often out loud, help me to retain information, especially if I am also able to write it down as I go. Reading, speaking, and writing out the topics covered in class is the best way for me to drill information into my head. In addition, I believe in the power of music. Music is great if, like me, people have a very difficult time with staying focused on a single task at any given time. My brain likes to wander as I work, especially if I am focused on something I do not enjoy doing. Music gives me something else to focus my brain on when it tries to get distracted from the work at hand, which in turn allows me to stay on track and keep my attention on studying for the upcoming assessment. In addition to this general studying strategy, there are also various other methods one could employ once they know their instructors better. Some teachers will reuse material from previous tests or homework. In these cases, it can be very beneficial to look back over old material and look for questions that may show up on future assignments. For classes that involve equations, such as math and the sciences, it is very helpful to run through the types of equations that may appear on the test with different numbers to make sure one is able to complete them with different sets of numbers. As a final note, there is something else that I do to study that may not apply to everybody, but may be very useful to some people. If you are somebody who fidgets with something, such as a hair tie, don't stop yourself from messing with it while you study. Instead, allow yourself to fidget Repeating the action during a test may give you the last bit of inspiration you need to remember.

Zachary from Michigan
College Freshman
Macomb Community College