Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Who is the smartest person in the classroom? I say it's the teacher. At least as far as the course material goes. Obviously a good teacher knows more about the curriculum than their students. It's their job. If you gave your math teacher an algebra test, I would be willing to bet they wouldn't miss a single question. Obviously, your teacher does so well because algebra is what they studied throughout their career. However, when teaching a subject, you have to have a deeper understanding of the topic. If you simply memorize it, you can't actually explain what you are teaching.
So that's what I think about when I study for a test. I try to explain the material so I understand the core concepts of the lesson. First, I go over the book or PowerPoint and constantly ask questions. This process helps me get a basic understanding of what I am learning. Next, I try to give a mock lecture to an imaginary class. I walk around the room and picture myself giving the lesson. Occasionally, a student will ask a question to which I'll answer and explain my reasoning, Finally, I get a willing (or unwilling) audience to give my lecture to. I make sure they at least have a basic understanding of the lesson before I dismiss them. Then I am ready for the test.
I believe this approach works best for me because it makes me not only memorize the material, but understand it. When I come across a question on the test, I think back to my "lecture" and remember the how and why behind my answers. Although a bit time consuming, this approach has done wonders for me and my grades.

Alec from Texas
College Sophomore
Arizona State University