Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One test practice that is tried and true for me is teaching the material to someone else. Whether it be a fellow peer or a roommate in a different major, which I would recommend, I find significantly helpful. When two peers teach each other the material, not only are they helping themselves but they may be offering useful hints and tips on how they view the material or memorize it. When a student teaches the material to a roommate in a different major, it helps the student learn the material more so that the roommate may understand what you are teaching them and they get to know your intended major. I found this test practice useful; I knew the material better and my test scores were raised significantly. Once I learned this studying tactic in my First-Year Seminar class and tried it for myself, it changed my outlook on studying completely. It can be fun while informative. Not only may you learn but your peer learns. I highly recommend finding an empty classroom with either a chalkboard or a whiteboard to demonstrate your knowledge. I hope this proves useful for others in their test taking strategies. :)

Alicia from New York
College Sophomore
Bob Jones University