Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Since elementary school, I've always had an affinity for taking tests. All the tips, tricks, and practices when taking a test from paying attention to the signs of red herrings and carefully noting bold or italic words, I've retained them since being taught about them. Studying, however, has always been an interesting obstacle that I've only recently learned how to overcome. The main place I study is at my desk. For most people, it can be hard to study in your room with the temptation of the tv or a bed easily within reach. To negate this I instead use my tv to play calming lo-fi music that helps me focus and lowers my stress when I get frustrated. With my study notes, I've found that drawing pictures in the margins or writing encouraging notes that I see later on makes it easier for me to continue studying. The amount of time I spend studying also varies. When there's a subject that I have a significant amount of trouble with I focus on that subject first and move on to ones I have an easier time remembering. As a visual learner, repetition when it comes to studying is my bread and butter. When it comes to history or English I try to memorize the broad picture. Focusing on million small details makes it hard for me to pick and choose what to remember when I need a certain answer. Breaking down certain parts into larger chunks makes it quicker for me to recall certain items. When it comes to math and science, small details are essential. In order to remember them, I take the time to focus on the process rather than the formula. It's easier to remember how something is made rather than the blueprint. Other smaller things I do to prepare including sleeping at least eight hours, humming songs in my head that I listened to while studying, and chewing mint gum to heighten my senses and keep me awake. Studying really is difficult especially when it's on a subject that completely stumps me. However, applying these small tricks has made it just a little bit easier.

Kynda from South Carolina
College Sophomore
Coastal Carolina University