Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before I prepare for an exam I make sure to put the exam date and time in my planner so I can create a study regimen beforehand. Before I start the regime I had prepared; I write everything I remember without looking at my notes. After I finish writing everything I think I know I look at my notes to compare what I wrote to the actual notes I took in class.Doing this helps me figure out what topics I need to spend more time on. Information that I've known without looking at my notes are topics that I look at very briefly. With information I've got wrong I focus my study regime on those topics only.
Then I gather the rest of my class notes including completed homework and assignments. Using homework and classwork assignments can help because they can have teacher comments and corrections so you can visually see what mistakes you've made preventing them when taking the exam.
Sometimes if I have a class that I'm super nervous about taking the exam in, I search up free practice exams online. You can get images or full pdf files that are free using a computer or your own cell phone. I will then put away all my notes and time myself for an hour and do the practice tests on paper. I do this the night before the test to get into testing mode and get familiar with answering questions differently since your assignments and notes are different from what the exam will be like.
My test preparation practices are mostly about control and focusing. You can control how you study to make sure you retain information by making a study regimen that's custom to you. For example, I prefer to study for an exam in the evening for at least 3 hours every day until the exam date. My technique of using more resources like homework and classwork assignments to practice tests online can help with teaching you to be aware of the topics you need more help with. This helps you focus on specific things instead of trying to make yourself learn everything at once thus, helping you pass your exam.

kristina from Connecticut
College Freshman
Southern Connecticut State University