Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices are somewhat odd, due to the varying ways that I study for tests. First and foremost, I try to take as many notes during the time at which the material is given, that way it is ingrained within my brain easier the next time I look at my notes.After I take the notes, I look over them periodically until a few days before the test.
At that point, I begin to review and actually study. I look up quizlets, various YouTube videos on the subject I am studying for. I do not make flash cards, as they only get in the way. I study hard until the day before the test. I rewrite my notes if they are too messy and I cannot understand my handwriting, so that way it is ready for the day before the test.
The day before the test I cram. It helps me collect all the knowledge held within my notebook into my brain and actually helps me remember stuff during the test. I take all my notes and sit down to do the review or create my own, so that I can pass the test using the knowledge stored within my mind.
That's how I study for tests. It really helps me compile all the information that I need to know within a concise time-frame with the best probability that I will pass the test for which I am studying for. Cramming the day before really helps me remember most of the information, and what I do not remember I can probably infer from the following questions.

Christian from Texas
College Sophomore
Midland College