Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Taking a test when your grade depends on it can be stressful when you're having a hard time understanding the material. One of my great test taking strategies will be voice recording notes. This technique works by recording yourself reading your notes and then listening to the recordings. While I record myself reading my notes I would throw in questions that I can later answer on difficult subjects I don't understand. By recording myself I have the opportunity to listen to the audio when I don't have the chance to study my flash cards. By replaying the audio you begin to understand the subject and memorize the notes. With this study method you can go on a walk, do chores, work out, or eat and still be able to study. This works for me because by listening to the audio my brain memorizes the notes/questions that I ask myself. While I'm listening to the audio I would throw in tough questions then I try to figure the answer myself. Once I have the answer the audio will let me know if I answered it correctly. Using this technique will compare to listening to a song, once you hear that song over and over again you remember the words. Hearing your voice on the notes you took can help you get ready for the test.

miranda from California
High School Senior
Long Beach Polytechnic high school