Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my years of schooling, I have learned many different test preparation and test taking techniques that have helped me succeed. The strategies I utilized in high school, like rereading notes and making flashcards, were helpful to me both then and now. However, studying in college is different that it ever has been for me before.
For my college exams, I still utilize tried and true methods like rewriting content and creating and practicing flashcards. However, one of the best test preparation practices I have adopted in college is creating and taking pre-tests. In order to do this, I collect information from instructors or the syllabus to determine the type of exam that will be given, such as short answer, essay, multiple choice, or combined answers. I collect my past quizzes and exams from the class that have material and structure relevant to the upcoming test. I use the known structure and possible content questions, as well as any review guides provided, to create my own sets of questions and answers. I practice taking these mock exams in the format that the test will be provided - online or by hand on pen and paper. One free online resource I have been able to use in creating these practice materials is Quizlet.com, where I can also use traditional methods like creating online flashcards and inputting vocabulary and definitions to practice.

Madison from Indiana
College Sophomore
Purdue University