Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have many different test preparation practices. But the one I enjoy using the most is using my notes to make flashcards on websites such as Quizlet. Flashcards may seem lame, but to me, it offers many creative ways to prepare for tests. For instance I can create a game of matching the definition and word. the website of Quizlet is not only useful, but it is also free, but it also offers many different options on how you can study your terms. For one, you can choose a typing game called Gravity, in which you protect a planet from asteroids by typing in the answers to the questions on the stories. Quizlet can also allow you to choose an option to test yourself like if it is an actual exam. There is a multiple-choice exam and also a "type-in" your answer exam. I also like to simply look through the notes I've taken during class. The notes are simplified in a way it's super easy for me to understand. I also enjoy doing practice problems in books. Whenever I do hands-on work I tend to remember my materials better. I use this method whenever I study for math. I just do review problems until I become more familiar with the materials on hand. I also like searching online for materials that cover the topic I'm about to take a test over. Places like Youtube contain many videos that teach me the materials I learn in class. I can just go over materials I have questions over and relearn them before the exam. I also enjoy making a Zoom meeting with my classmates and go over materials from class. The last method I like to use is to ask the teacher directly. I first go through all of my notes, and write down any questions I may have over a certain topic. Then I would go directly and ask my teachers. If that is not possible I would email my teachers and ask them to explain the materials to me or refer me to a different source that can clear up my questions. These methods have helped me through High School and even now in college I'm still using these study-hacks.

Shi Wei from Missouri
College Freshman
University of Missouri (Columbia)