Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation was not preparation in the literal sense because as a student you were taught all of the things on the SAT or ACT or most of them but, the test is there to put you under pressure, can you handle the time crunch. The tests to me were there to see if you can still perform under pressure. I still did study for the more frequent questions on each individual test but, I really wanted to make sure I could stress manage while under the time constraint. I prepared myself by taking the practice tests multiple times to first see how the timing was and then create a feeling in my head on where I needed to be to make good scores. I also focused on detaching from the outcome of the test because if you are focused on what you could possibly score you will be easily distracted by each individual question. If I could focus on the current question at hand then anxiety, stress, and distraction were kept at a minimum and I could just perform during the test time. So my test prep included understanding that I already knew the majority of the information that I was being tested on, focusing solely on each task at hand, and detaching from the outcome of each test. This highly decreased my stress while taking the tests and increased my focus.

Daniel from Illinois
College Sophomore
Clark Atlanta University