Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Sarah Oduwole
Mometrix College
11 May 2020
Test Preparation

Test preparation should always help to better prepare a student for an upcoming test. As a High School senior I have adapted to many different ways to prepare for tests but two strategies stuck with me. Those strategies were studying the quizlet I made beforehand and explaining my answers to a friend. Quizlet is an excellent source where I can make study guides based on my material or take practice exams. Explaining my answers outloud to a friend helps me to better remember the material that needs to be learned. These test preparation strategies have increased my performance on tests and helped me better develop a practical way of remembering information.
Preparing for a test has helped to enhance my recollection of important material. Quizlet has allowed me to have better flexibility when it comes to studying. The flashcards I create are an effective way for me to retain information. I also take practice tests on a quizlet in order to exercise evaluating skill and knowledge. The study tools on quizlet are very engaging because study sets are created according to my contentment. Quizlet is very efficient and straightforward:“Instead of having to look through notes, fill out worksheets, and create paper flashcards, they can just log in and start studying!” (Pros and Cons of Using Quizlet). To avoid making my life more hectic with all of the paperwork and handouts from class I create notes and flashcards on a quizlet faster. Quizlet is one of my best test preparations because it is momentary and helps me better obtain information for a test.
In addition to explaining my material to a friend, test preparation has helped me gain better insight on the material that is being learned. When information is internalized by a learner it is very important that that learner understands how to apply it and have an output of the material. When I explain my material to a friend that helps me develop innovation as well as retrieve information for a test. When I can explain information well I start to better understand the material. It is important that a person knows how to process new information and apply it back into the world:“but applying that knowledge is that last important step. And, they must utilize the information correctly based on what they received and stored. Helping our children have the skills to utilize their newly gained knowledge is as important as making sure their brain is able to process the information in the first place.” (Learning Memory). It is important to explain to a friend the gained knowledge in order to have better insight on the material. My second favorite test preparation which is explaining my material to a friend helps me develop acquisition in learning skills and recollection of material.
These test preparations have enhanced my memory to recall important material and increased my performance on tests. These two methods are very self-sufficient to me. Quizlet is my favorite test preparation because the study tools have helped sharpen my learning skills. Explaining course content to a friend has helped me utilize information as well as process it effectively. Test preparation is very important, useful, and should be mandatory.

Sarah from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Saints John Neumann and Maria Goretti Catholic High School