Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe the best test preparation practices are those that involve writing and practical application. First of all, rewriting notes can help students memorize and fully grasp on topics learned. While it is the most tedious method of studying, studies have shown that writing is one of the most effective ways to fully understand difficult content. Prior to upcoming exams, students can write down everything that they know of the test topics and thoroughly pinpoint areas in which they need to address, overall increasing their performance and readiness for those exams. Personally, I utilize this method to help me memorize certain vocabulary words, ideas, and concepts. More importantly, right before tests, it also serves as a method of minimizing my nervousness as I write down everything I know and clear out my thoughts.
Additionally, practical application proves is another method of studying in which I use, as practice mitigates the student's tendency to make mistakes and can tests the students' knowledge about the subject before the actual exam. This includes redoing quizzes and homework (especially questions missed) on mathematics-related courses, as well as studying with a group to quiz each other and receive help if needed. I find it especially useful in social- studies courses where there is little to no math or patterns involved and can simply test my knowledge with others through.
Overall, in my opinion the best test preparation strategies are writing and practical application, which includes group studies and going over previous materials. Both methods efficiently test the student's knowledge and require them to apply that knowledge in contrast to rereading notes and study guides as most students do. Because of that, the students will be aware of their weak spots and generally strengthen their ability and performance in tests and exams.

Brian from Texas
High School Senior
Dulles High School