Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My great test preparation practices are studying with flashcards and studying with study buddies. I enjoy studying with flashcards-electronic and paper, because it helps me retain the information well. This past semester I was in a medical terminology class and we had to remember over 150 words just for our first test. If I had not used flashcards to help me out then I don't know how I would have passed the class. They really help me memorize, categorize, and remember the words really well Another great test preparation practice that I used are study buddies. Going into college it was really hard trying to get to know people let alone find people to study with, but then once I started talking around and getting to know the people in my classes, the actual academic part of my classes were much more bearable. I loved to be able to study with the people in my class because we live to teach each other on the content that we didn't understand in class and we help each other out on difficult homework problems. I took chemistry the past two semesters and one of the main reasons why I passed was because of my study group. They helped teach me on the lessons that I didn't understand and I helped them as well. Overall, these test preparation practices helped me so much in my first year of college and I definitely will continue to be using them in the future.

Sarah from Georgia
College Sophomore
University of Georgia