Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation has always been a anxiety inducing activity for me because I struggle with test anxiety. I have recently found process that helps me study the material as well as adjust my mindset so I am able to test well. The use of an Apple iPad and Apple pencil have greatly helped in this preparation as well as utilizing meditation and essential oils.

The use of the Apple iPad and Apple Pencil has helped a lot because I am able to utilize multiple apps such as GoodNotes and a Quizlet to study on the go. When using GoodNotes I am able to hand write notes on the screen with a virtual notebook. I can easily color code these notes by changing the color of the pen with one click and all of my notes are stored together on the ipad without having to use multiple notebooks and binders. The Quizlet app is a virtual flash card application that helps me with memorizing important terms and definitions. I like that I can store all of the flashcards on my iPad so that I don't have to worry about missing cards.

I also, utilize guided meditations through the app called Headspace. I feel like when I can meditate it keeps my mind from wandering and really helps me prepare to focus on studying or taking the actual exam. In addition to meditating I diffuse essential oils that help stimulate the senses to feel more alert and focuses on study or taking the exam. I truly believe that your mindset affects your ability to perform well and this step is essential in preparing for tests for students like myself who struggle with test anxiety.

In conclusion, I am grateful that I was gifted an apple iPad because it can hold all of the study apps in one that I need, I am able to utilize my apps on the go without an internet connection, and I think these apps would also benefit many other students who got into the habit of utilizing them prior to a test.

Danielle from Nevada
College Junior
WGU Online