Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are two types of tests in this world. The memorization test, and the understanding test. When preparing for the memorization test, my creative side dominates. I create raps, dances, pictures, and stories that relate to my studies. It may sound absurd, but it's effective. To this day I still remember the facts from my most engaging creations. The following is a verse, from my favorite rap, that I wrote to assist me with my sophomore world history test. "He hopped on a ship with his little fleet of five. "Next stop the Indies shortly we will arrive." Magellan and his men were prepared to explore. They waved bye to Portugal as they left the shore." These four sentences alone are loaded with testing information. Personally, I found that my time was efficiently used designing a rap rather than memorizing arbitrary facts. The excitement of being able to create something, motivated me to sit down for several continuous hours without growing intellectually weary. My product was easy to remember because it organized my information in chronological order, it consisted of an "AA, BB" rhyme scheme, and it had a captivating beat. When preparing for the understanding test, my logical side takes control. Personally, I can't sit for hours on end when studying for an understanding test. I must take consistent breaks because the failure becomes demoralizing. The failure, however, is the most important part of my studies. It gives me a chance to recognize my weaknesses and strengthen them to the best of my ability. For example, when I study for math, I use online resources that provide questions and answers that relate to my topic. I do the work on a sheet of paper, and then compare my answers with the answer key. If my answer is incorrect, then I go back through my work to find out where I miscalculated. The next time around, I cautiously prevent myself from remaking the error. I repeat this process several times until I feel comfortable with the material.

Kristen from Texas
High School Senior
Boerne Samuel V. Champion High Shcool