Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is one of the most vital resources a student can possess, with it not just resulting in excellent test scores, but also in methods that the student can solve through problems they have in their everyday lives. For most students, memorization of the material is simply not sufficient enough. They need a method that allows them to know the material and how to apply it to any type of question that may be asked.
I use a wide range of studying methods, with some being the usual flashcards for definitions, memorization of dates, and reviewing over notes. However, I also find that trying to teach someone the subject you are attempting to study is also extremely beneficial. Trying to teach someone else the material, especially in a simpler manner, allows you to review what you already know and articulate it to others. The person that you are then teaching may either attempt to do a problem, or recite the information or concepts, showing if you did an adequate job in explaining the material. Another somewhat unique study method I use is to make the material I am studying either into a story or an anagram. This can be especially effective when trying to memorize certain larger concepts, such as the organ systems of the body, the order of operations, or the planets in the solar system.
While there is not one single way for people to effectively learn all material, a good base test is to do the usual methods first, flashcards, pay attention in class and take notes, not just on what is on the board, but also on what the teacher is saying. Some of the most important information is not going to be written, but said to the class, and knowing what is important to write and what may be less important is also crucial. If these methods do not work, try making a song out of the material, creating an interesting story, forming an anagram, or teaching someone else in a simple way that demonstrates your understanding of the general concepts for the material.

Mark from South Carolina
High School Senior
Spring Valley High School