Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My greatest test preparation is creating a google document(s) and creating an outline. I know it doesn't seem like the funniest thing to do but I love it! Most of my classes work through chapters, video content, and outside articles to read. So I usually start by taking notes for each lesson and I would write what the professors say about each topic on slides. So if the bullet point shows a definition or objective I'll write a note about that bullet point. Once I have my class notes. I take notes on videos using sticky notes on my computer and the same process for articles. Once I have all these notes I put them on an outline on a google doc labeling for 'TOPIC', 'CLASS DISCUSSION' with the RELATED TOPIC/ DATE, and VIDEO NOTES for the related topic. I know it seems like A lot but this process became my daily routine. It was easy to access for assignments (essays), class discussions, and tests. And if a group member from class needed help with something I'd share my google doc. This for me was a fun way to review because I was creating something (I love to write). It also forced me to stay on a strict school schedule and I felt prepared for classes. I gained more confidence as well come test time because I could review and add more notes while studying for a test. I feel like it also helped learn how to summarize and recall lots of information from different lessons and materials. This is something I encourage other students to do who have to juggle different topics and lessons from different materials and have to see how they connect come test time. It makes studying enjoyable because you already have the material you need provided in a outline and its true a life saver!

Gabriela from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona