Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In high school, I had very poor test preparation skills; I thought to myself "this is high school it doesn't matter" (as I was going through a very depressive time in my life). I ended up finishing high school with a low 2.7 GPA. When I got to college, I also got out of my toxic home environment, which meant I had my own control of my life and so I started to gain a new perspective on life. When in college, I realized that school is not only one of the most important experiences I can gain, but it is also setting myself up for the future. As I started to realize more and more of the importance of school, I also learned how important studying for tests are. I soon began to prepare for tests with compassion and for a reason. Doing this I came up with the most helpful sentence that anyone has ever told me; "Is worrying about it going to give you the answers?". This sentence got me so far through college because no matter what skills I would use to study, my anxiety always overcame me and was a huge distraction to my preparation time. Using this sentence made me think to myself, not only is worrying NOT going to give me the answers, but it is also making it harder for me to focus; worrying is just a time block, it is not a magic answer machine. Due to this sentence, I was able to prepare for tests, exams, and projects without any anxiety and without any intrusive thoughts that would set me back time wise. Along with that hopeful sentence, I would also study and prepare in increments of time so I would not get so overwhelmed with the workload. I would prepare for an hour then take a 20 minute "me time" break to re-kindle my thought, emotions, and information I was preparing for. Overall, I really just focused on myself, mental health, and everything fell into the perfect place. Due to these new test preparation skills I used, my GPA went from a low 2.7 in high school to an impressive 3.7 in college. I am so proud of myself and all the new practices I now utilize.

Hannah from Michigan
College Freshman
Central Michigan University