Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word Test/exam is "ugh! here we go." Exam/test is one of those inevitable thing that no students can escape. In the beginning I usually started my studying say about a week before the exam date (I'm a big time procrastinator by the way). I realized that this wasn't going to work because sometimes I can be a little absent minded and completely forget things that supposedly "embedded" in my brain.
due to the simple fact that remembering information doesn't always work out for me. I have tried to set up my test preparation in a way where I started studying from the very first day that the test/exam is announced, up until the night before the exam. Each day I would study for about 30 minutes, this way I have little bit of information in my head (sometimes even twice a day).
While studying, two major things that I used are another person, and my flash cards. These are the two components for an excellent test preparation. Once you have these two, you are all set. These components work for me because they replaced the need of books. When studying from a book, I usually focused on vital information that I take from that same book and place them on a flashcard. For the person, I usually give them some knowledge about the class so that they feel comfortable/ get the idea of what they are helping me with. In addition, I'm the type of person who like to choose individuals who have an understanding of what it is that they are helping me with. Preferably somebody who has taken the course before or familiar with the materials. (You don't necessarily need individuals like this, but I like it this way.
another thing that I found helpful when preparing for a test/exam is to do your own lectures. what I like to do is to make my own lectures. I do this by incorporates most of the professor lectures into my own. this way, by doing this, I'm able to learn the material much easier.
you can never do know wrong with these preps

Shavon from Connecticut
College Freshman
Southern CT State university