Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Coming into my senior year of high school I have never really had to study hard for tests, but that all changed when I decided to take AP Physics. At first I thought it was going to be like every other science class I have taken, but boy was I wrong. The first test we had I did not study as much as I should have, and I failed. I thought to myself, “This is weird, I normally have no trouble passing tests.” So I came to the conclusion to study more. By the time the next test came around I had been reading over my notes all night, and still I failed. I was so frustrated with myself I researched ways to study. I found that the best way for me was rewriting my notes, making study guides, and making lots and lots of flashcards. Each day my teacher would introduce a new subject I would go home, and rewrite the notes in my journal. Once the class got to the end of the unit I would go back to all the notes I have written twice, and find the topics that are still a little fuzzy, and make a study guide for that specific topic. Using the study guide I would find all vocab words and equations then write them on flashcards. The good thing about flashcards is they can be taken anywhere, so they were the perfect study tool for my busy life. So by the time my next test rolled around I knew I would be ready. Though I did not get an A on my next test I still got high B, which was progress from an F. This showed me that I was actually learning. This B plus on a test gave me the motivation to keep studying, and if that does not work, study harder.
Before I knew my new study guides were helping more and more. My grade has increased dramatically due to my new way of studying. Within the next few weeks I even began getting A’s. Not all but enough to where I know I am learning. This way of studying not only helped me in physics, but it helped me in all my other classes. Rewriting notes, making flashcards and personal study guides is a sure way to make academic life easier, more organized.

Ellie from Texas
High School Senior
Marble Falls High School