Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are several different methods of studying that i use for different subjects as they all hold different internist in my mind. To me the hardest part is getting started , because if the subject i am studying is not interesting at the time or uncommonly difficult it can take a while to study properly and get in the zone. For my favorite subjects what i do is line of what i need to study in the first place. Pages 154-194 for example or some such , then i skim the entire section to see if anything pops out ( there usually is ) and then i read that. Now that I am in the zone of studying then starting from the beginning of that chapter or paper is easy as i am in the right mindset . For other subjects like math I use other media devices like YouTube and tutorials liberally. I believe that everyone has a way that they learn best and for me that is through one on one contact with a teacher or instructor. Point out to me specifically what to do and how to do it I can follow along easily ,classrooms are harder to study in due to the general noise that teenagers locked in a room make. Sound is also very important. With subjects like math it most be silent , Dead silent. If it is not I quickly get frustrated as the sound interrupts my thoughts on a subject I already don't like. If there is sound and I cant change that then I don't do math . English/ History soft music helps as it keeps me awake and interested . I know that this all sounds very convoluted and seemingly extreme but with the strenuous classes I take ans the tests in those classes being collage level thesis steps definitely help and have increased my grades markedly . With these practices i honestly think that collage will become much more manageable and while not easy , at least possible .

Owen from Arizona
High School Senior
Mountain View High School