Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Over the course of my academic career I have tried and practiced many skills and tips/tricks on how to best prepare for tests. What I have found that works the best for me I actually discovered during my Junior year of high school. There have been many studies done on the psychology of color and how color-coding things such as with highlighters, note cards, pens, sticky notes, etc. help the brain to retain more and better. There have also been studies done saying that if you eat a certain snack or drink a certain drink while studying that it helps you also better retain what you are trying to study so long as you eat or drink that same thing during your test. What I have found to be most helpful for me is if I sit in my room with the door shut and no other people noises, soft instrumental music in the background, eating a quiet snack (so I can be quiet during my tests), note cards, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and my laptop. I will sit down and first choose the colors that best help me retain information which are pink, light blue, purple, and green. Then I will write out on my note cards alternating using those colors. I will go through my notes from class and highlight using my blue and yellow highlighters (blue for terms and yellow for definitions). I will also type out each and every vocab word into Quizlet as well and play the quizzes, matching games, etc. to try and better my retention by using multiple ways in which I study; however, my method is always the same. No matter my test I will do all of these things mentioned above to better help me so as to keep a pattern to help my brain have something else to grasp onto, something similar so as to try and trigger the part of my brain that it's study time, and it's time to focus. These methods work for me because I do better with colors (something to hold my interest) and repetition. I grew up playing music and after practicing more and more it really helped ingrain things better for me. Thank you.

Mariah from Michigan
College Sophomore
Central Michigan University