Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Do you want to do good on tests but do not enjoy studying? I have a solution for you, as a student tests are the most important part of classes and also the most stressful. You are learning all this information and then getting tested on how well you have been paying attention and studying. Over my years I have tried to perfect studying in the most efficient way so that it works and is not boring and horrible. I have tried many different options including not studying which that one didn’t work out to well. What I have found to be my most favorite test preparations are using flashcards going over notes and repetition. Many people have their own ways which may either be simple or complex. I tried to find the most efficient way without doing too much and over studying. What I usually try to do is about a week before I have whatever test it is, I start organizing and getting all my notes together, so I have everything I need to go over. I usually start off with making flashcards on quizlet because then I am already refreshing my memory and even though I haven’t started studying yet all the information has been exposed to my mind. Then once I get my quizlet finished I study and go over it for about 15-30 minutes everyday until the test arrives. Now that helps because it isn’t that much time of my day, but I am still learning and remembering because I do it once every day at least and it starts to stick in my head. Now besides that I usually will go over my notes again too, I Usually read over all of them twice before the test day. I think one important part of taking a test is being confident and not stressing, so by these techniques I am staying calm and learning information and I am confident in the way I am doing it. Now when test day arrives that’s when I try to go over it all quickly but efficiently so that I am refreshed and ready. I usually start about an hour before my class or whenever I am taking my test and usually just go over flashcards and quiz myself.

Rian from Arizona
College Sophomore
University of Arizona