Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparations vary as to what kind of test I am preparing for. For math class, I will make a big "cheat" sheet with everything I would want on my test on one single-sided page. Then, I will pull the most important parts from that page and narrow it down and put it on one single-sided index card. Usually, that will include formulas. Sometimes, I use this technique for other classes, such as history tests. In that case, I will write out important dates that I will forget. When I get the test, I immediately write down the material on the notecard onto the test so I don't forget. For language classes, I make quizlets for the class. I go over the quizlets at night, as this helps me remember the material better. For midterms or big unit tests, I make 20-30 page study guides. I create a GoogleDoc once we begin the unit. Then, I add to the document as the unit/course progresses with the most important information. I include helpful links that I find, so when it comes to study for the big tests or midterm/finals I am not completely overwhelmed and I have a base. I like to vary my study guides. Sometimes, I write the general notes on a computer, but then when I need to remember certain details, I pull out pieces of paper and write down the most important with blue pen, as it helps me remember the information. When I study for multiple choice quizzes or tests, I replicate the test on quizlet, by creating flashcards that match my study material. I time myself and this way I can practice doing the actual test with the correct format. Finally, if I am studying for an in-class essay, I usually write out the whole essay in advance, so I can get the words flowing in my brain before going into the test. This way, I feel more confident in my writing and prepared for the in-class essay (despite not being able to have notes).

Alice from Vermont
High School Senior
Hanover High School