Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests have always been hard for me and I bet many people can say the same. Which is why finding a great test preparation practice is important. Last year I was trying to get recruited for softball from a Colorado school with high education status. All I needed was a high SAT score. Unfortunately, I was not able to raise it to the score that satisfied them. Gratefully after becoming very upset about why I did not succeed, I found a great way to study that has been working for me ever since. The best test preparation practice is simply practicing the just do it mentality. Procrastination is a very common student attitude that stops a lot of people from reaching their full test practice potential. Everyone is a different learner which is what makes it hard to say if group study, flash cards, songs, images, reading, or writing are the best way to prepare for a test. What many people do need help with is having the right mentality to start actually doing whatever way works for them. I have struggled with having motivation to read or write, but after self reflecting, the thing that was holding me back from getting a good SAT score was the fact that I was letting the stress of wanting to get recruited take over my mind rather than remember the things I learned from studying. After taking that into consideration I have worked on stopping thinking of the outcome of the test and just focusing on it step by step. This has given my motivation to study with my friends and start studying way before a test. This is an effective way to get a progressive attitude for tests as well as for life. Life will throw many different situations at you, but taking a step back, breathing, and finding the best way to come about it will do wonders. It gives you the willingness to do something, and break any internal obstacles that may be present.

Evangelina from California
High School Senior
Millennium High School