Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My preparation practices are pretty useful if I were to judge my self. They are very beneficial to me and my studies as I get ready to prepare for a test. I do this every time I have a test and I make sure to do the right procedures. I like to make sure when the exact date of the test is. I personally like to start studying a week in advance. The reason I do this is because the work load of other classes as well. First, I go over all the homework assignments prior to the test and try to memorize the steps and process of the problem. Then I like to do the same problems but change the numbers up a bit. Then I look up more problems on the internet that are a bit more challenging and try to work through them. I do this daily till test day arrives. Once test day arrives I go over my notes and try to obtain as much information that I think is necessary prior to the test.

Alex from Arizona
College Junior
University Of Arizona