Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best practice that I have come up with that helps me prepare for a test is making sure that I start to study and prepare early. Over the last year I have committed to coming home every day after school and to study what I learned in class that day. It can be very easy to come home and get other things done and move on for the day but I found it helps me so much more to go over the things that I had just been taught. This helps the information to stick into my brain early and I am able to better understand the concepts. I also go over the things that I was taught the previous days that will also be on my upcoming tests so I don't forget about those lessons as well. By the time that my test week comes I know exactly what I am doing and everything is simply a review leading up to the test.

I have found that this trick has helped me immensely. This past semester I did the best I have ever done on my Anatomy and Physiology final. Because throughout the semester I was reading through my notes everyday, I found that the information stuck much more than it did when I would start to cram a few nights before and have to memorize things instead of actually understanding and learning the concepts. As I went back to review previous chapters I had still remembered the information I had learned months before. Even though time had gone by, as I read through notes from the beginning of the semester I was able to read through and know exactly what I was reading and not have to cram and memorize leading up to my finals.

It truly paid off to take an hour out of each day to help me become a better student. That little extra time helped me to learn and understand so many different things than I wouldn't have learned if I had wasted it on something far less important. This trick has helped me to prepare myself for challenging classes so that I can be successful is whatever I do. I am able to walk into the classroom and be prepared with whatever my professor throws at me.

Macee from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona