Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

An important note to refer to when preparing for a test is to avoid cramming. I mark the test date on my planner, I also set a reminder a day before the test. Things I make sure I do to study for a test is set 30-40 minutes after completing my homework assignments. In these study sessions I review any notes, the review, flashcards, any vocabulary, use any materials covered in textbooks, using sources posted on google classroom or blackboard to use as study items. I also reach out to some friends to either get together for a study session or a group facetime call to go over material. In the group studies we review the topics, quiz each other on vocabulary, work out practice problems. The night before, I review some flashcards and vocabulary and look over any other notes, this helps so that I can get a run through one more time, I get a good nights rest to end the day off. On the day of the test, I run through some notes to refresh in the morning, eat a good breakfast and be mentally ready for the exam. These steps have helped me through middle school and high school and my college classes, I've earned A'S &B'S on tests. This is a process customized to me and my habits are different than others, in the end I've had sucessful results.

Brianna from Texas
High School Senior
Shadow Creek High School