Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a student enrolled in multiple challenging courses, I know the importance of preparation, especially when it comes to tests. I also know the importance of repetition and consistency when it comes to studying. That is why I choose to study at least a week before the test. I then study five days before the test, which helps me review, as the information I learned at first will have faded in my memory. I take this day to see what information/formulas I’ve got down and what information/formulas I am having trouble with. I then study three days prior to the date of my test, and I take this day to focus on the information that I had trouble with on my fifth day. I will look up tutorials, email a teacher for help, make or look up flash cards, and review the information/formulas I had trouble with. I really try to nail it all down on this third day of studying. Two days before my test, I review absolutely everything. I make a checklist of the main ideas or components that I need to know and after reviewing I candidly check off what I knew and what I had trouble with. I then spend a short while reviewing only what I had trouble with. One day before the test I make sure to “skim review,” as I call it. I go over everything one last time, “skimming” over what I feel confident on and stopping and reviewing the pets that gave me trouble. I also make sure to rest, as it will do me no good if I understand the material but cannot stay awake. I also try to not stress myself out, as that will only make my mind go blank and forget crucial information.

Jennifer from California
High School Senior
Baldwin Park High School