Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test, I always make sure I have the means to take the test and do what I can. Besides getting a good night sleep and keeping my mind focused with things like puzzles, games and reading, I make sure to take plenty of notes during classes before the test begins. I also make sure to look over those notes the best I can. Then, if available, run myself through a few practice tests to make sure that I have the knowledge of either the test itself, or at least what to look forward to. It also helps to talk to the teacher about the test or what I should be prepared to expect, but also talk to fellow students who have taken the test before me to get a feel for what might lie ahead. I've also met with other students who are taking the test with me, and sit in groups for either practice, or to talk about the test and what to expect. If the test seems to be a bit overwhelming, I often find ways to relax myself before taking the test. Either by reading, playing games to keep my mind distracted (but not too distracted), or go out with friends and family for a bit of a breather. It also helps to make sure I take the test on a full stomach. Not to the point where it's too much, but enough to know that my stomach won't start growling and making noises while I'm trying to focus on the test, as well as making sure said noises don't disrupt other students who are taking the test as well. Preparing for the test may not seem like much to some, but it definitely makes sure that I'm prepared for whatever tests await.

Thomas from Illinois
College Freshman
Full sail university