Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I struggle with cognitive issues, such as processing, sequencing, and memory as a result of brain cancer. Thus, I take a very meticulous approach toward test preparation.

First, in order to further my understanding, I use more than one source of information. For example, when preparing for an exam. I do not only use the book, but I also use different webpages and watch a variety of YouTube videos. This facilitates my thinking process and the organizing and compartmentalizing of information.

I organize the information that I absorb by writing it on paper and paginating each page. I use subtitles and I underline the most important concepts that I must remember.

I have applied these strategies to, not only school exams, but also the ACT and SAT tests. However, I have never used flashcards, for they confuse me. I desire to have all of the material together on a page.

I have excelled academically using these strategies, all of which I continue to use to this day at The Catholic University of America in Washington. D.C.

Sebastian from Virginia
College Sophomore
The Catholic University of America