Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Exam day, the day every student dreads. The day they are graded on the knowledge they may or may not have. Some prepare weeks in advance, others maybe just minutes before. Everyone had their methods to try and pass, to make it to the next level. I have experienced many of these days before. The anxiety that comes as the test is being handed out, the feeling when your mind goes blank after reading a question, and the second-guessing right before handing the test in. There are many methods I have tried to get rid of these feelings and know the material. One way I have found particularly helpful is reviewing the past quizzes or things that seem to be integral. If there are not many flashcards I prefer to handwrite them to help memorize it. If there are too many to write down, I use an online flashcard site. After going through the cards a time or two, I try and test my knowledge by phrasing things in a test-like question. I will review the questions I got wrong and repeat this process with the cards I got incorrect. And on the day before the test, I will go over everything once more to solidify my knowledge. I have used this method for my last few years of college, and it has allowed for me to relieve the exam day anxieties and consistently score high.

Rachell from Tennessee
College Junior
University of Tennessee