Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation practices are essential because they help you prepare before a major test. If you do not have any preparation for the test, then chances are you will not be ready and most likely fail. I am the type of person that has to prepare before taking a test because if I don't, I won't do that good. I usually will study some notes or work that we did in class every day to get the material stuck in my head. If I know that we are going to have a test coming up, then I would start to prepare for it a week before. Doing this allows me to center my focus on one thing at a time. I make a study plan, and I stick to it because consistency is key. I always have something to do because procrastination is my worst enemy. Test preparation also means that you are asking your professor for extra help with something that you may not understand. I love having sticky notes of important things that I need to remember for my test hanging around my room. By hanging them up, I can remember the necessary details for my test. These test preparation skills work for me because they help my brain take in and retain information. Everyone doesn't study or learn the same, so I think that finding out what works for you will help you prepare better and study more for tests. My test preparation skills helped me approach my test with more confidence in myself by knowing that I know the information that is being displayed.

Aliyah from Virginia
College Junior
shaw university