Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are over 7.5 billion people in the world, and when it comes to taking tests, we all have to find a way to study that works for us. For some, studying means going back through and reading the textbook again. For others, it means watching online videos to review or doing practice problems. For the lucky few, it may mean doing nothing at all and still passing the test with flying colors. For people, to find the definition of study that works for them, it takes time. For me, it took many tests, some of which I went into not prepared enough others I went into overprepared, but now, I feel I have found the definition of studying that works for me.

Preparing for any test starts when the material is being taught. When I am in class, I do my best to block out distractions by keeping my phone in my backpack or flipping it over so I don’t see any notifications. I also take notes during class, and I have found quality is better than quantity. If I try to write down everything, my mind cannot process what my ears are hearing since it is so focused on writing everything down word for word. Instead, it is better to only document the key concepts and examples. So, when I am taking notes, I try to focus on quality by making sure my notes are organized and easy to read/understand. I also use highlighters and different colored pens to make the important concepts stand out, so when it comes time to review for the quiz or test, it is easy to read through my notes and quickly find those important sections. I have also found it very helpful to draw pictures and diagrams whenever possible since I am a visual learner. Also, I always work out practice problems on paper, so that I have a resource full of examples to help me prepare for quizzes and tests. By using this process, I can go into any test feeling well prepared, which leads to me having less test anxiety and performing better on the test.

Shanti from Idaho
High School Senior
Meridian Technical Charter High School