Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout College I have came across many different professors with various teaching and studying techniques. Each person has its own way to learn and digest material that is why i had a three way studying technique to help me throughout my two-year college Associates Degree journey. The first step was taught by my fifth grade teacher and has stuck by me all these years, the technique consists of making a song out of the main key terms going into a test or quiz. One would pick a word and make a beat for each definition, for example: the word happy means "feeling or showing pleasure or contentment", once you read the meaning you would clap and repeat after each word of the definition. This was very helpful for kids that learn more interactively and has stuck with my learning growth as well considering that music is a big part of my life, it is an easy and fun technique to have under ones sleeves.

Secondly, this technique I came up with it myself and it is called "Think & Repeat". This is specially helpful for studying last minute or memorizing study guides, it consists of learning the material by giving it a quick read at least three times and saying the words out loud so they could stick in your mind. After quick reading it you will have to repeat each word. Finally, this helps me memorize the material that will be in the test.

Lastly, this technique is for studying for long exams such as midterms and finals. College is very strict with their exams, each having information from half of the semester which is a lot considering you will have to take one for each class you are enrolled in. During this period many of the students are overwhelmed and carried away with so much information from different subjects and considering that some exams are scheduled for the same day, it is quite a handful. This technique is flashcards. I divide each class by color and put information in each, i study each subject twice a day until the day of the exam, studying made simpler.

Andrea from Florida
College Junior
Barry University