Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices are pretty much anything that I can do to make sure I know the material inside and out, but not spend hours preparing for it. I like to pick questions out of the back of my textbooks, in the extra practice or section review sections, and compile a bunch of them together to make a pre-test for myself that is close to the length of the test I will take at school. Although I am not super strict about this next part, I like to set a timer while I am taking this pre-test and set it for the length of a class period at school, which is about 40-50 minutes. This helps me to know how much time I can spend on each section and how quickly I need to move through the questions.

Another thing that I like to do, especially for vocabulary tests or questions that are based off of memory, is to make flashcards for myself. I color coordinate them and make sure that I know them forwards and backwards so that when it comes time for the test, I don't even question what the correct definition or answer is. In the case of vocabulary, I also try to use the words in my daily conversations so that their meanings run through my head more often. If I use the words often, I am more likely to remember what they mean.

The last thing I do to review for tests is have my siblings quiz me. I make sure I have a highlighted study guide, flashcards, or other study materials and I have each of my siblings run through it with me once, twice, or as many times as I need and they are willing to. I have seven siblings so going through the entire study guide or stack of flashcards once is usually enough, but it is nice that they are willing to help when I need it.

Studying for tests is something that I used to think was a waste of time. Lately, I have realized that studying days before the test happens, instead of trying to cram studying in during the morning of or the period before my test, assures me that I am well prepared and ready for any upcoming tests I may have.

Riley from Iowa
High School Senior
Siouxland Christian School