Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Exams are already part of my life as a student, that is why I have developed a test preparation practice that helps me to not only face the exams, but to also ace them. I always look on our syllabi to make my study schedule for the week and to know which lessons do I need to study first, because I already skim-read our lessons, highlight them, and take some notes the day before our class; and, since I am both a visual and an auditory learner, I arrange my notes into diagrams or charts. Then, in class, I would listen attentively, so that what I have read the day before will be reinforced into my mind. While listening, I also edit my notes based on what was emphasized by my professors. After classes, I read my notes again before preparing for the next day, because the more I go over the lessons, the more they get embedded to my memory. I also start reviewing the harder topics first than the easier ones, since they require more attention. When I study, I minimize distractions by studying in a quiet room and then putting my phone away. I do a lot of studying, but I also find time to relax my mind by having a ten to fifteen-minute break every hour I study. It is when I stretch, scroll through my Facebook, and eat snacks. It motivates me to study because I think of it as a reward for an hour of studying. Aside from that, I am also motivated by the inspiring quotes that are displayed on my study corner and my goals to be a nurse and to make my parents' sacrifices pay off. These motivations keep me going. I also like answering practice exams like what Mometrix offers because aside from they help me be familiarized with the questions, they also serve as an immediate way of applying what I have learned. I also take care of my health, through eating healthy foods, exercising, and having enough sleep, especially before the day of the exam. Lastly, I always say silent prayers before I take any exam, because as I do so I become more confident knowing that God has my back.

Kathrina Joyce from Texas
College Junior
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center