Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for test exams can be quite the challenge and create unwanted stress. The first step to successfully preparing for test is to surround yourself with a positive and supporting environment. It is important to have a support system whom allow you to grow and can assist in your successes. Without a support system, one will simply crumble. Therefore, getting the buy in and advocacy from your people is critical in achieving your goals. The second thing to help prepare for test exams is developing a plan and method that works for you. Creating an outline of items that are crucial and a priority, should be included in the plan for your study guide. Personally, I look over each chapter and find important definitions, problems, or anything related to the subject and create a study guide base off my needs. I like to put everything in order per chapter for easy studying, but also, to help remember where I learned each concept. In addition to the study guide, I find it important to create flash cards for items that present some challenges and I need a refresher on. This aides in my success in remembering those more challenging items. Furthermore, I find it very helpful to get another person involved and test me on my study guide and flash cards. This method presents a test like environment and what I will be facing when the big day comes. It will provide me with an opportunity to learn, study with my supporters, and get live feedback on things I need to brush up on. These are very important factors, being they are a part of a process to successfully prepare for an exam. Ultimately, the best test preparation practices are positive surroundings, to include supporters and environment, a study guide with flash cards, and live feedback from practice test with supporters. In order for each to work, a person must get adequate sleep,and utilize a study time in order to prevent stress. Each of these items are important to prepare for an exam healthy and happy.

Frances from Nevada
College Junior
University of Arizona