Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The only test preparations that I have found helpful would simply be to study and know the required material the same day it is taught. Don't rest until you are sure you understand at least 85% of the material. Other than being sure you fully comprehend the given material you must practice. Doing practice problems will not hurt you it may be tough and seem pointless but the more you practice the better prepared you will be come test day. The day before the test has arrived and you are stressing. Not to worry, if you have been following along there should be no need for a late night study session or a last minute attempt of cramming in as much information in as possible. All that is required the day before a test is no more than a 30 minute brush up of the required material, a good breakfast, and last but definitely not least a good nights rest.

Michael from Texas
High School Senior
Klein High School