Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my years of public education, I have experimented with several types of test preparation in hopes of finding one or two that are perfect for me. What I have discovered is that different methods work best for me depending upon what I am studying for.
When it comes to course work in school, I have found the most productive method to be rewriting my notes. Often in class, as I write notes I am just trying to get down as much information as possible with fast paced instruction, not really processing and learning the information. So, for my high school course work this year, I purchased two notebooks for each class. One I used to take notes at school and one I used to rewrite my notes at home and to take the time to understand the topic and record any questions I may have. By taking a little bit of time to rewrite my notes almost daily, I reviewed and created a cleaner, more appealing final copy of my notes to study from!
When it comes to larger or standardized tests I have found the best method of studying to simply be practice. When you practice you get used to the way a test is structured and can understand the format and become comfortable with the time constraint. By using flash cards to review large topics and completing hundreds of practice test questions I managed to raise my ACT score from a 27 to a 33, which has saved me thousands of dollars.
Test practice is important to ensuring your success as a student.

natalie from West Virginia
High School Senior
Cabell Midland High School