Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation techniques largely depend on the subject material and the nature of the test I am preparing for. I prepared for the SATs very differently than I prepare for math tests or french tests. For the SATs, it was a matter of practice and getting used to the time. I took countless practice tests and I printed off the college board website and then went back and scored it myself. I always went back to re-try the problems I got wrong before I moved on to a new test. This gave me a chance to change the way I was approaching problems I was getting wrong and learn how to take the test. I practiced for the SATs by practicing test taking strategies rather than reviewing material. For math tests however, I tend to review as much of the material as possible. I make sure I understand everything in my notes, then I go back and review homework assignments to make sure I understand those as well. If I feel like I understand everything I have already done, I just keep doing practice problems until I am sure that I am comfortable with the material. For french tests, which require a completely different way of thinking, I find that I am a more auditory learner. I like to listen to vocabulary and use the "speak" feature on Quizlet to quiz myself on vocabulary by listening to it. I also do extra practice worksheets I am given by my teacher to make sure I understand the grammar. Personally, I find that only one way of studying or test prepping doesn't work. I use different strategies based of the subject, the nature of the test, and how I already feel about the material. It took me a while to find different strategies that work for me but now, as I am preparing to go to college, I am confident that I have learned enough strategies to excel in my future studies.

Colleen from New Jersey
High School Senior
Morris Knolls High School