Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Growing up while my mom worked in the education field, she constantly was coming up and sharing ideas of new study skills and test preparation practices. We tried everything from writing questions and answers repeatedly to eating certain snacks while studying before tests to get the brain working in a different way then I was used to. There were a few tactics that always seemed to benefit me more than others though.
One of these practices was flashcards. Whether its digital flashcard tools like quizlet or physical handwritten notecards they always seem to do the trick. This practice started in fourth grade and has stuck with me even now as a college student. I think that it is so useful for me because as I write or type the information on the card that moment is stored as a memory. Often times during the test I can pull that memory out and watch myself write the information on the cards and find the right answer for the question. Memorizing the information helps me learn it also and come test time I usually am able to read through the answer choices and know which term each choice matches with before reading the question. Making and studying flashcards really hammer the material into your head.
Another test preparation practice I like to use is practice problems. This practice works well for math, accounting, and any test that involves calculations. I will make a document of these problems and a separate document with the answers and then perform these like a timed test. The problems on Chegg will show you how the work was done, and you can apply that knowledge to other similar problems. I find this to be a big help before tests because it refreshes me on concepts that I may have forgotten but it also shows me that I can use some of the more complex material that I have learned to help me solve these problems. I can also use these documents to help others study which as well is beneficial for everyone.

Landon from Georgia
College Sophomore
University of Georgia