Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have many test preparation practices but if I had to boil it down to my three favorites they would be flashcards, writing out definitions, and writing things in my own words. Since I am an actuarial science major, my use of flashcards helps me to memorize different formulas and proofs required in the actuarial field. I typically write a formula on the flashcard and then read it over a few times. Once I feel that I remember it, I flip the card around and try to recite the formula from memory. I repeat this process until I can recite the entire thing from memory at any given time.
Writing out definitions and formulas also helps me to memorize them. In this case I will read over the definition, and then transcribe it. This helps my mind to remember what the definition is and it also helps my hand to be familiar with how to write the definition. Come test day I can write the definition down quickly and efficiently.
My final practice is the most effective. Instead of writing out an exact copy of some definition or concept, I rephrase it in my own words so that I will remember and understand it better. I then write it down in my own words and read over it a few times. I typically use this method when it is an abstract concept or definition that I have to understand as opposed to me being required to write it down verbatim on a test. These three test practices enable me to be not only a successful test-taker but also a successful student in general.

Foxx from South Carolina
College Sophomore
Bob Jones University