Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best way I prepare for a test when I was just in high school now even in college is I used the true and tested flashcard system with a few of my own adjustments to fit my needs for the class that I am studying for. When I get home from class, or when I have free time at school, I will get out my index cards and write down all of the important content I just learned. I will study these flashcards every day first, and will then mix them up with the other flashcards because past content is just as important as current content. Especially in a class like math where the formulas you use rarely go away. To reinforce the learning in my head I will say the question and answer out loud, for my brain can more easily connect the answer to the question in my head and tp try and obtain long term memory of the subject, I am paying for the class I sure hope I can remember what I am paying for. And so far through college it as worked very well, hopefully it continues to work as I get to higher classes in computer science. So far my 4.0 says it works, so I will continue to do this testing practice and I hope it doesn't fail me.

Bailey from Colorado
College Sophomore
Front Range Community College