Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In high school, I always found it easy to make good grades. I would go to class, do my homework, and then study by reading over my notes the night before the test. Since it had worked all these years, I assumed that it would be sufficient for my college classes. I thought I would try my old study habits at the University of Georgia with my first trial being chemistry. I quickly realized that this was a huge mistake. Going and listening to lectures and doing the bare minimum inside your dorm was not enough for college. I found myself, a person who never worried in highschool, stressing out because I did not know enough on my tests. After my first round of tests in high school, I decided that this lazy method was not going to cut it. I decided to change my study habits and it ultimately changed the course of my college career. First, I decided that I would read my textbook for that chapter instead of just listening to my teacher. This helped me continue my learning on the topic by presenting it in a different way from what I was learning in class. I would only write down the important details so my notes wouldn’t be so vague, and I could go back on them later if I was confused. I would also do every practice problem in the book. This helped me learn because in classes like chemistry there are many ways that they can throw the concepts at you, so you have to be prepared for every question possible. Closer to the test, I would do every question that the teacher gave in the extra credit homework. After looking at all of this content I would create my own practice test with some of the most difficult material and problems on it. Although this seems like a lot of repetition, this truly helped me because I gained muscle memory to the wording and aspects of the problems. Unlike before, I could look at the test and decipher what information it is giving and where to put it into my equations because I had seen problems like its multiple times instead of once.

madison from Georgia
College Freshman
University of Georgia